What is Meditation

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Music 4 meditation

is so simple!
Sitting in celebration and joyous ease

Feeling the Dark Space inside the Body
Something is always meditating you from within.
You can give it a name if you like. Call it Jesus, Allah, God, Krishna, Merlin or Science. And it will continue to dance in You even if you forgot the names you gave it.

Something is always meditating you from within -
It is a very small and simple thing - maybe you overlook it -  
in search for enlightenment or trouble...
It is a tiny, almost invisible thread - You already hold it in your hand!
Effortless effort... Look! You are disappearing...
And here you are again... fresh, new, friendly ...
laughing... no big deal. Can you feel it?

Kind regards from Gunnar Mühlmann



If music be the food of love - then play on  



Whoso is unable to follow this discourse, let him never mind.   While he is not like this truth he shall not see my argument.

All creatures contain one reflection: one, that is the denial of its being the other; the highest of the angels denies he is the lowest.  God is the denial of denials

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On my volcano grows the Grass. A meditative spot
- Emily Dickinson