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is pure magic!

At least this is the only way I can express what
has happened in the case of Aisha.
She started coming to the meditation happenings
in the beginning of March 05. She was new in meditation and did not know much about it.
She refused to read about it.
No books - no headucation... She got no verbal instructions in meditation from me. She decided only to listen to what would happen in her own
Body and Soul and follow that. What has happened since March 05 is a Divine Miracle - nothing less. She has the courage just to follow one thing: surrender:  And this makes all words and theories from outside utterly unimportant. She has got and gets all knowledge from within. She has become her own Truth and in this sense she is a light on the path of Lions. And out of the blue she has become a most powerful healer.
I know she will hate this...
But I have to say: She is the Boss!
Please note that there are as many inward
journeys as there are human beings.
Don't compare your journey with Aishas!




The feminine
element of cosmic fire




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The last lesson of Love









Learning true love
Only by paying attention to the feelings the heart send into the body in full honesty to one self, can the heart become one with God. The hearts true nature will make man learn to care for and have compassion for everybody. When this is done, the heart is open for Gods love to enter.

Until the love of God has entered, the feelings felt by the heart, can only vary in depth from human to human based on how close this body�s relationship is with other humans. The depth of this love, for it being human, can only be based on how close this human body is with other people. The care can however reach from family to stranger.

Loving every man the same can only come, when the heart has learned to carry the love of God - learned True Love.  

My own body letting go of the ego
A quick recap of what has happened this last year in this body, can be described as the story of my body, called Dahlia, that started out owning itself, but being blessed with a sense of feeling that came very close to its true nature � me. The process in its totality has been of my body learning through heart that the person called Dahlia does not exist. Learning that there is no free will accompanied by anything else, but moving with the desires of the heart and body. Accepting that the body has a will of its own, independent of the will the mind carries with the ego and perception of �I�. Did you get that? :o)

In the past, the heart in my body loved a few, and acted thereby. Slowly (or maybe not so slowly :-)  ) selfishness was let go, as well as everything else, the only thing my heart didn�t stop caring for was humans. My heart was opened up, learning to care for every body � thief as well as holy man. Read the piece called �strangers becoming family�, which describe this experience of hierarchy between people disappearing � my heart learning to care for everybody.

I thought at that time, that my heart was learning to love everybody, but this step, I see now, has not happened until now. What happened back then, when I wrote the piece mentioned above, was, that my heart was learning compassion. I see this now, because I see the big difference between learning to care and learning to love. Love contains no selfishness.

When the body lets go of the selfishness, the heart becomes open for learning to love. The last step is letting go of the personal love, which has always, and can never be a result of anything other than personal relationships. If there is no ego there can be no person � this go hand in hand. If there is no person there can be no personal love. My body has now taken love to the next and highest level. 

Letting go of personal love
What happened last in the transformation of this body was, that my heart was through the process of letting go of personal love. If anybody should care it happened during a period of 3-4 days mid May 2006.

This happened by insight coming to my attention, of course followed by feeling as feeling always comes before thought, and becoming able to see the human being. Seeing the human being in its totality made my heart realize, that the people my heart had trusted completely, was not to be trusted this way, for seeing the ego for what it is, is seeing the human being consisting in both love and selfishness.

The feeling of loosing every one my heart has ever loved was demolishing. This put a distance that at first felt very bad between these human beings and my heart. Not one single cell in my body was however in doubt that the pain and in particular the distance, was utter illusion. What happened was that specific love towards specific human beings was disappearing. This not to protect my heart from being hurt, only to be replaced by the love of God. 

The feeling of the pain is so very hard to describe, but it came to my body as the feeling, that my heart only seeks and needs me. That my heart needs no human, and that every human it offers its love in the hunt for satisfaction, will only be able to keep the heart satisfied briefly. As what it seeks is me. Through the pain, I saw very clearly and felt the comfort in the knowledge that this is true, that I can and must stand alone to be satisfied. Every human being carrying an ego carries the duality making the entity ego able to turn against any other human � because this heart still carries selfishness. No matter how much love this person carries in its heart it IS still and can only give human love, and this love is in more than one way limited. The limit of course consists in the fact that what makes the heart offer its love, in a body carrying selfishness, is the selfish need to be satisfied. Humans love to get love returned. God does not.

Seeing the human being for what it is
The one thing every body fears is loosing the ones they love. It became painfully clear to my heart, by feeling followed by insight, that any man carrying an ego entity has the duality of opposites in them. This means, that any human with an ego carries selfishness, as well as love. A heart that hasn�t learned the lessons of love is most likely to turn this selfishness out towards people they don�t know, keeping the selected ones they love, through relationships, close to the heart.

A person can be accepting of bad sides of another person, but can never come to love these sides. And as these sides are a part of any human being carrying an ego, no man can truly love another. This makes some people easier to love for human beings, than others.  

A person can accept selfishness in its partner�s treatment of others, but the heart will always be hurt, does this selfishness turn towards the person itself. The egotistical side of a human being is the part that can turn and hurt the person that same heart claims to love.

Any humans love can only be as strong as the humans� body�s knowledge of God. The strength of this love makes some people more trustworthy than others, but no matter what, if the human being carries this entity, the love can never be perfect, as the heart is only able to love humans as a human, with the amount of selfishness the body carries.

Only feeling existence above this life makes heart able to love something more than life itself. And this, dear human, is how I love you now. Gods love is not accomplishable for any person - only for the human being.

 How is the love of God experienced by me as a conscious nothingness?
The result of the old way to love getting pushed out of my heart is my heart learning to carry the love of God. This love is totally different from the love from a human being. Now as I look at the humans that before were close to me, by relationship, I see a human being, I don�t see Judy, Morten or Gunnar, as in feeling my personal relationship with them. The difference is however, that my heart loves these humans so deeply, as each and every one of them stands there in their on perfectly imperfectness. The love coming from this heart is no longer personal and dependent on my body�s knowledge or closeness to these people. The love of my heart can only exist from a view seen from above man. It is a heart now being able to love what by man is considered bad, as well as what is considered good.

Before a difference was felt in the depth of my hearts feelings, as to whether it was a human I was close to by relationship or not. The people I was closest to in heart and enjoyed being with the most, was the people that let my body be me, as much as it was able to. These people made my body feel good, because it didn�t make my body fight to be with me and to stay and exist in its true nature.

It was easier to be with some people than others, because being with bodies that knows very little of truth, made my body open heart to heal the other body, which wore my body out. And very early in the process made my body forget me, until my body was no longer under the influence of this opposite to me.

Now the depth of feelings is even deeper, and the feeling majestic. My heart has for finding me, been rewarded ten gold pieces� ha ha ha, no, but has been rewarded the knowledge and constant feeling of energy, as in being a part of God. This makes no body able to pull my consciousness or bodily feeling in any other direction than me. This view from above doesn�t move an inch depending on the person I am with. As no body makes my body feel different, I can be with any body and still feel me.

The only thing that happens now is, that my body can be tired after a whole day of being with other human beings, because my body�s being with humans, carry the full time job of distributing me through healing them, just by being near them :o) .

Of course the pleasure of a humans company can vary a great deal, depending on the person, but by feeling, the feelings of love are not deeper for bodies being closer to me in relationships.  

Seeing through people and receiving their love
The personal love is of course received, by my heart, from other people on a personal level, as the ones loving me are humans. But the love returned to the people I know, as well as the people I haven�t met yet, is now not varying and depending on the relationship between me and this other human.

This means that in my heart, I feel no difference between the stranger on the street and the child in my care. Both I love with all of heart and more than life itself.

As I see-feel any and every human, of course I see completely the relationship between love and selfishness in bodies, but the humans standing place is not the foundation of how deep the love is felt by my heart.

All of them are seen from above and seen through in a way, that very distinctively tells selfishness from love, but in a way that doesn�t make my heart judge neither side and thereby not judge humans that stand farther away from me or favour people being closer to me (not by relationship, but by heart). There is no difference between any human being carrying an ego i.e. carrying selfishness. It is all just a process going on, on this level of time and space. In truth there is no process. In truth they all are a part of God, but just don�t know it.

Being with true love
My body has through this last period of time become utterly dehumanised and no longer feel human. As my body now feels me as my Self, it feels up most satisfaction in itself. When walking around town, my body now feels and sees the other beings as humans, but at the same time feel me and has the view from my point of being. My consciousness see-feel everything here from above.

Through the last six months, during my body still feeling human, my body used itself to express and receive the personal love in the heart, as well as distributing me. Now my body no longer feelingwise gain anything by expressing love physically to another human being. I consider the physical love a part of being with humans and can only consider it part of healing, because I, by hugging another human, let this human being into the sphere of my own being in this body.

There is no doubt I until further notice or massiveness in this body travel lighter by touching. The motherly care my body has expressed, was a sign of personal love, as for me being in a female body.

Honesty between hearts
I have to have 100% honesty in all I do, because human beings are very easy to manipulate. I see right through the heart of a human being, and am able to go right through it as well as see the state of it. I doubt not that lightning will strike this body so hard for stepping wrong. In this sense my body has learned highest self control. This makes my body and being, the most reliable source of love, because it is not able to do wrong, not able to deceive or lie.

This makes up a whole new set of rules for my body, as I can allow no heart-games in my interaction with humans. I can not let my body play with other bodies in a way affecting the bodies� hearts, because it now has ability of passing me on, as for no body�s heart to be able to turn the other way. Letting the body use this to play with people, would be an incredible misuse of power. And it would be a totally unfair match, as my body now knows the strengths as well as weaknesses of man.

Hour of Truth
Every heart seeks God, and as every body has one and can�t stand without it, every body is bound to walk the path of love. That is the genius plan of this life. Love is the master plan and only love can free you from this duality and unsatisfied feeling of selfishness.

Man can practice getting attention into body by yoga, martial arts, meditation etc. but the only thing, that can really take you home, is love. All it really need is to be able to feel its heart and build the courage to stand by it.

For if body feels all of itself only a physical level, but heart is still not open, God can not pour freely into the body. As long as the body still carries selfishness, heart can not be as open as for God to enter it. And thereby it is not possible to become one with God. God can enter the body in the sense of energy, but if heart hasn�t opened completely, it will never be able to become The One.

The truth of your nature is attained purely by paying attention to the feelings, in greatest courage of self honesty and letting go of selfishness. Be true to yourself, and learn the values of the heart in your chest. Let your heart walk in front, and watch out for the traps you put out for yourself.

Some majestic feeling it is to sit and look over the ocean and having the thoughts rising: �unbelievable, all of this is mine�� ha ha ha�



SMS from Aisha:

So clear it is in this now
to this body...
My body feel me..
it has right this minute
received from me the
knowledge of feeling,
that makes it possible
for it to see, feel and
know... That I am not it!
And then... who am I?
I am you... I am/you are
the very essence of every
living being... such a simple
feeling... Yet so hard for this
as every body to attain... I see
through the mirror of this body.
Right this now...

06-03-8 - 18:22

20th of March 06

Here I am - New changes, new abilities, new experiences

Who am �I�?
God moved in. My body is now constantly able to feel God, and doesn�t forget at any time, who is the boss. I now live with my body in a totally different way. It is like a whole new partnership.

This doesn�t mean God has filled up my body yet, but it does mean, that the part of this body that still has human feats, never and not even during feeling bad, mistakes its own being and the �I� for the �I� that is now represented in being God. Me, as in being a consciousness, am just a servant. Before I served the body in its belief that �I� am it. Now... This has changed. I now serve God in this body, feeling this is the �I� I really belong to and was meant to serve.

The fact that I have learned which �I�, I really serve, in fact makes no confusion in my head � as for the body to believe, that it is God. My body is fully aware, that what it carries is a little raindrop of God spilled on its heart. I now experience the abilities my body has got, as a result of God moving in.

Feeling others
The greatest one of them is the one that follows being able to feel God in my body. The result of my consciousness having expanded, is me now being able to expand into other bodies. This ability makes me able to feel and connect to the energy in any other body. And this is amazing. It makes the feeling of being with another living creature a whole new experience, and makes a totally new connection between me and other bodies � by feeling.

Being able to feel �Me�/God in other bodies, also make me able to tune in on other bodies feelings � good as well as bad. This makes me able to share love as well as compassion with another human being in a way only imaginable to a mind not experiencing this.

The way my body only acted before during healing (pulling feelings of others into my own body, for the purpose of my body letting them go afterwards), so this happens now all the time, when I wish it to and tune in to other bodies. Healing is no longer something that goes on when I prepare my body for it, as the body is now always in the state of being this open to receive this information from other bodies. So healing now is being with other people and no longer takes any effort or change in state of body from me.

I can feel only the feeling by tuning in, but not by choice hear the thoughts, that this feeling has set off. But it happens more and more, that the thoughts following that feeling is served to me regularly. I can not read thought� yet� ha ha ha� but sometimes I receive a thought, that is the cause of me feeling another humans feelings. I am never confused that these feelings are not mine, as they feel like an extra layer upon my own being.

Eyesight changing
Another thing is, that my eyesight is changing - expanding. It is achieving another state of normality. I experience again and again that my eyes don�t focus on anything or anyone. But sees everything within the reach of the eye. This means that turning my head into the direction of another human being doesn�t make my eyes focus on that person, but only makes that person the center of my vision. Takes some getting used to. But I can without any trouble drive a car and so on, just without the need to orientate me other than look straight ahead and keep my eyes open. The body then drives the car when its green, and stops if cars slow down in front of me. Without me spending any awareness on it. It sees all.

The ability, I have had for some time, to see a roadmap of energies in bodies, that normally required my eyes closed, now and again happens with my eyes open. Nothing more to say to that.

Sexuality disappearing
Also, although it has been quite a while now, my sexuality disappeared. This was a process passing over a couple of months. Sex now has no colour to me. It is not that I can�t participate, but the need doesn�t rise in my own body and participating doesn�t make my body urge for any kind of climax. The body�s letting go of this human need, has made a physical change in my reproductive organs.

I wont try to explain how or why all these abilities and changes - I, as consciousness, just experience and observe. The human body is very complicated, and I see that more and more abilities, that in fact all bodies, including your own, carry, are getting revealed to me as God fills up more and more of this body.

Human needs � �who� needs them� part one
So it only just happened, that my body learned, that I am not a �who�, but a �what�. My mind surely got to thinking once again, that �well, now my body has learned what I am, maybe it is over�� Ha ha ha�(I laugh because it has thought this a lot of times). But it is not over, and will not be over, until God has thrown every and any human need out of this body. This he can do now because there is no �who� disturbing his work with this body�

God doesn�t want to seem to slow down. My body again and these days are moving through a passage where another need is dissolving � and more importantly more energy is getting thrown into my system � and more and more hot air thrown out.

I have to say, that it has become very clear to me, what is the only thing worth having focus on in this process� And it is the big picture. All of these abilities getting revealed to me are not important� The only thing important to this body is that it is being filled up. What ever abilities this drags with it are only bi-products. These abilities are only important in the sense of my using them to spread the energy of God from my body to others � in healing� in loving.

Body changing ownership
God is life, as energy equals life to me. This knowledge of truth can come only from feeling (feel energy � feel God). The element making your heart and mine beat is God.

As I have written before, love exists only in the meeting between mother earth and father God (Allah, or whatever � the ONE). Father without mother would just be energy - life. Mother without father would just be material things � dead things. Life, as you know it, exists only in this meeting, as it is here some things are added life. Nature-elements like grass, flowers and trees, and what we call animals - one of these animals being the human body.

My body is now going through the process of more and more of God being brought into this world through my body - my body being filled up, step by step, with this life. This can only happen because my body has learned the lesson of love � to open this heart to ONE and all.

The result of me going through this process, I feel and see now; This body will come to be and express the greatest love possible on this earth.

Ownership of this body has never been mine, as I am a consciousness, but I see now the ownership is moving from mother to father. And I see that every aspect of life mother earth ever taught me (the needs we all follow to stay alive), is getting outlined by Godfather. Ha ha ha.

Mind the heart � and not the brain�
As I speak of really deep human needs getting thrown out of the temple, that is my body, I know I am not to let my brain tamper AT ALL with the result of what�s going on. By this I mean, that I don�t allow my brain, to use my attention trying to figure out, what is going on. I can not let my brain get involved in this, by listening to it, because it can make it very hard for me, to follow only Gods order (the desire of my heart) on what is going to happen with this body. Even though the intention of the brain is ever so lovely, the mind always tries to set goals of reaching and achieving. If it gets an idea, that this and this will happen, it will try to make me reach a destination. If it is wrong, as it has been on more than one occasion, ha ha ha� It can really drag the body into trouble especially at the point, where my body is, at where I speak of basic needs getting outlined.

This of course doesn�t mean my brain doesn�t occasionally try to figure out whats going on, ha ha ha, but the brain has a way of shutting up, once you stop listening to it� Ha ha ha� trick for meditation ;o) .

If I did let the brain think, it would start making dramas. The problem here is that the mind thinks too small. The changes in my body that, for the brain, can be thought off as a big deal, is in reality utterly unimportant. Only the result is important. The big picture.

And seeing the big picture, the only thing worth looking at is Energy, God, Allah, or whatever we call it being and growing inside this body, making more and more perfect meeting of element of mother earth and Godfather.

For the mind to set out to reach the highest love possible, is a good thing � it is to start seeking. But trust in yourself� Never try hunting bodily knowledge outside your own body � as your body, as mine, holds all the answers.

Stop listening to your mind or any body else's, and start following your heart.

Mind your heart and the desires of it� And love will take you home.

Human needs � �who� needs them� part two
I became aware of my body letting go of human needs already a few months ago. As it happened the need to protect my offspring was let go by my body, as my heart opened to everyone. As my body learned that I am not a who but a what, there is no �who� holding on to these needs anymore.

Since then my body has let go of the sexual need and these days I experience my need to feed dissolving.

I see that the action of letting go of human needs follow a pattern. This pattern is parted in three states which the body goes through. I will use the example of my need to feed dissolving to make this pattern clear as day.

The first state the body is in is the ordinary animal-like way of being, that the body is in from birth, where it is born animal. In this state a need is the cause of a desire, and the desire cause of an action, to satisfy this need. This is how most humans reacts most of their life.

I experience the before mentioned state changes, as the body is preparing to let go of the need. This is when the body's desire to fulfill this need disappears. When the desire disappears, but the need is still a part of the body, the body is to do the work of letting go. My body changed from getting a desire to eat, to not getting this desire anymore.

The part of letting go, the body carries out through a period of time that can vary a great deal from journey to journey. For me this period meant energy rising to be almost unbearable. Body reacts as under pressure. Getting bad feelings. These feelings although, are not attached to any thing or any thought. These feelings are not to be tampered with in any way � the only way is just to let the body be and learn.

For my body, during this period of letting go of need for food and drink, this has felt like added pressure inside the nervous system, burning sensations in the whole body, but in particular in arms and legs, and the worst is a feeling of total mess inside the chest and stomach area. So many feelings � all of which feels bad. The first couple of days I felt very vividly that the body was breaking a habit.

The body can react in various ways to this pressure, but when pressure was at the highest, my body reacted with trances returning, incl. the numbness. When pressure lightens as a result of integration, trances disappear again and my body needs to let go through crying or anger. It is very clear to me that the body uses these known exits � actions of living out sadness and anger � to let go of the high pressure in pushing out the need from the system.

Through this, the body at no time forgets who I am, and thereby I can just let it react. This of course takes some understanding from the surroundings not to take this personally ( ha ha ha ). But holding back is not an option � as the body goes down, if pressure is not taken off the system. Within a few days my body learned to carry the energy and let go of the crap, that there is no room for now energy has taken its place.

After the karma has been burned out, the desire can return. The desire is now totally unattached. There is no more fear in the body, not to get the desire fulfilled. As this fear is gone the feeling is total freedom around the aspect, that before was a need. I don�t have to do anything. But of course this doesn�t mean, I don�t want to do anything. But now I am able to let the animal be the animal without having any attachment to the body as in living with these needs as a part of me.

When my lust for eating returned to the body in this totally free and unattached way, I ate again. But I also experienced that eating this meal meant 3 hours of stomach-pains. I still have a part of me not agreeing with the fact, that I don�t just go to a caf� anymore and order a sandwich, but actually I am at a point now, where it is not a goal for me to stop eating, but as well it is not a goal for me to eat.

By having these stomach aches, my body lost some of its desire to eat again. Whether I will stop eating entirely is totally up to the body and only time will tell. I will not accept any signs of disease as a result of not eating. I will not accept my body losing too much weight either. I have some fat on the body to throw away, but I wish not for my body to get weak. And as long as those two demands are fulfilled, I will follow only my body�s wishes. And this day � It didn�t feel like taking in food.

Every time we feel bad � we are confronted with our own shortcomings. Every single time.

Love � the only human need needed�
As my body these days are letting go of the need to feed. The only needs I have left in this body is the need for sleep and the need for love. You can hold me to this, but I believe strongly, that there will be one last big round of battling with the beast. And I think this will remove the need for sleep. 

How is it then, that all the needs disappear, but one need remains?

The need for love is the last and purest attachment to the body. When this is let go of, there is no need holding me to this body anymore. This makes love the last and only need worth keeping. As I enjoy life much and enough to stay here for my loved ones. The day I start feeling my body let go of this last need, I will be able to say when this body will die. I know this will happen as this is exit for me. But when� I don�t know. I just know I get to have a stay in this. Although I haven�t had a say in any of it since the body started going through this process, I know I wont let go of the need to love with this heart, until this body feels this need satisfied.

8th of March 06


And so my body arrived at the state of which it is able to feel me.
 The body has to learn and come to terms with the feeling that, the �I� combined with any kind of identity is nothing. This it must, before it can come to realize, that the �I�, that I really am� is everything.
 How does it feel?� Oh yes, Is this body able to describe the feeling of me? Is a human body able to describe the feeling of being, if this being is not to be compared with anything of this world? The answer is no, of course not� And then again, it is possible� But by no means through words, as the taste of sugar can hardly be explained to someone without a tongue (love for you Arun Baba). The feeling of being can only be described to other bodies in terms of being.
 If words are to be put to this. It must be� That my body feels life. Not just in its own substance� But in everything. I am here in this body, but also all around it. I feel Me in my son� I feel Me in You� Being with You is being with Me�
 When healing other bodies, I call for the Me in the body connected to mine.
 The only true feeling� is love.
 God is energy� life. Only God combined with the material elements of mother earth can create love. The meeting between earth and sky. Mother and father.
 And this feeling of total truth, that can be found only in love, is so true because it is the cleanest and clearest form of feeling resembling All That Is.
 Every and any other feeling than love, has a sense of missing truth in it. Any other feeling than love, holds some kind of an illusion, created by a body that knows no better.
 I hope the Me in me get to be with the Me in you...
 Please contact me for a healing� I wish to be with you�
 The lovely practicality of Me joining up in all togetherness:
 My phone-number is:
 +45 26 27 80 76


Big roar of compassion,
love and victory from a heart
of God in a chest of mother earth.
06-02-22 - 23:07


No hole to move into...
and never was... only space of
nothingness... emptiness... feels like
I have moved into space... but still
looking out through these eyes,
when not closing them...
Deepest love to you...
06-02-22 - 19:15


Closing my eyes now IS being with God.
06-02-22 - 16:08

Don't know what I expected or why this
amazes me ... for a long time I have felt
like something was replacing something
else inside my body. But now the feeling
when closing my eyes is... like stepping
into outer space. Not a feeling of being
filled with something... But the exact
opposite... filled with.. nothing...
only thing I am able to feel with eyes
closed is the boundaries between
space and this world: my skin...
These boundaries feels like
a moving energy field...
 06-02-22 - 16:05


Closing my eyes... utterly pulls me to
outer space... But eyes wide open...
I'm just me... Just a consciousness.
06-02-22 - 15:49


Very strange to be alone. Amazed how
when alone I can feel God being
in this body... But yet again feel like
nothing ever happened... Like not one single thing has changed...
06-02-22 - 15:47

7th of March 06


State of cosmic eruption - trance turns to ecstasy

This last period of time (1� month) my life has been very affected by the trances, because of the nature of them. This nature being my body was sent to the ground in total numbness, followed by me as consciousness dropping into the hole, leading out of this world. Did I not place my body somewhere, where I could let go of it, without it having to stay alert, the body would not fully recover its strength in between trances. Resulting in a crash and burn-situation, where it could take the body up to 24 hours to regain its total strength.

The trances quickly turned totally painless and peaceful, and the time I spent out of the body, became shorter and shorter for the body to obtain, what it had to. Of course this was and is healing.

As it happened sometimes, when I was pulled out of a trance too early, by my surroundings, I arrived in a body totally on fire. Unbearable. I still experience nights, where I have to get up, because a sound pulls me to the surface. These times I have to move the body around, because I can not stand to have it lie still. The heat is too intense. Moving into the hole means great healing, getting ripped out� ouch! So I came to the point where I preferred being all-one/alone during these trances.

Of course this healing is what every body experience during sleep. But as my body moves deeper into the hole, than during regular sleep, my body receives even greater healing, than it ever had.

What happened now is, that trances evolved. I now no longer get pulled into trances during the day, where my body collapses by itself, pulling me down with it. Through a period of 4-5 days, my body started to move into a new kind of trances. This new kind of trance I experience, as a total cosmic eruption in the body. The trance doesn�t any longer push me out of the body, but invites me to stay and play in total presence.

During the first trances of this kind, I, as always, had no choice but to close my eyes and give in to the enormous temptation of being twirled into the meeting between earth and sky taking place in the body � it actually feels like God enters the body filling every cell with feelings of love, light and energy� As I found out, my body was very usable during this kind of trance, and as I was not to leave the body all together, I now can actually be in surroundings not fulfilling the demands of being quiet. During the first of these trances, I was able to sit and even walk. The first time it was a joyride lasting 1� hour. It was interrupted, by my moving my body from a pizza-place in Helsingoer to Gunnar's house. But it was no problem. I could, but just didn�t feel like it� As the feeling of surrender into this is so very tempting and overpowering. I slowly, through trance after trance learned that the body is fully functional even during this state of total inner surrender and feeling. 

An hour and a half turned into three days
Two days ago this energy exploded once again. I felt God entering me, as before, but this ride on Gods ecstasy-wave lasted more than 2 days. These trances have now been a part of my body for almost a week.

On the first day of this cosmic eruption, every move my body made, sent totally blissful waves of love-energy through my entire being. As I felt it coming during carrying out a task of the day, I saw no reason to stop, but instead continued working with my body in total bliss. And It actually made working a totally to sex-comparable experience. I didn�t have to get caught up, but instead I let myself, when ever I felt like it, and just for a few seconds at the time. It was pure explosion of passion in my chest.

In lack of feelings to compare this with, I can compare this to nothing but a sexual climax� And describe it only as a total cosmic and chest-imploding orgasm. Of course this had nothing to do with stimulation of reproductive organs, but was centred in all of my torso, reaching down from the stomach over solar plexus and into the open chest, sending these vibrations out to surround my arms. The energy I received from God.

This first day the eruption was so extreme, that every being I touched sent of explosive love-vibrations and a tremendous feeling of share-ability all the way through my body. Contact with other beings� receiving a loving touch this day� was the very wind turning my already stormy waters into giant waves of emotion.

The 2nd day I still felt the eruption constantly eyes open, but less vividly. If I closed my eyes, I felt the arousing energy roaring in all of my upper body. This made the healings I had yesterday, a whole new experience. I can surely say, that the feeling of giving touch was more intense, than I ever imagined possible. During healing I closed my eyes, and I can almost say for sure, that I enjoyed those healings more, than the bodies I healed. :o)

3rd day� Today� the feeling of carrying this energy is less explosive and mindblowing. I am able to keep focus outside, without the inner process taking up a part of my attention the entire time. But the feeling of the energy is there.

What started out as trances pulling me of stage, now has become something else. I can hardly use the word trance to cover it anymore. On the contrary I feel and see my body integrating more and more of this energy through these bursts of ecstasy, that when erupts, feel like total fulfilment.

These creamy love-flavoured heart attacks, seem to come again and again. And up till now, they have become longer and longer in duration. I don�t feel that the energy, that on day one was causing this extreme experience in me, has disappeared. On the contrary, that the energy got integrated in my body. The result of these 3 days: The overwhelming experience is gone� But the energy stayed� Making my body feel me differently.

Ha ha ha, as I write this� I feel another steamy roar of God echoing through my body, turning up energy ones again, for me to body-feel in total surrender simultaneously with being in this now�

These bursts of sunshine makes my entire body feel again and again as it has never been able to before.

What a journey� Ha ha ha�

Love from Dahlia



Somebody wants to dance with me now.
Write when it is over.

So peaceful, so lovely, such bliss.
Quick in... Quick out... greeted HIM
with a smile and a coke. He took me in.
And just sent me back. So Amazing.



I have come to enjoy the living creatures
of God enormously... Especially the ones
with no minds ...  animals... they react spontaneously and natural with the energy... love so pure.

Iiiih... My cat want to sit on top of me all the time. It's impossible to get anything done around here... But then again...
might as well surrender...
ha ha ha ha ha ha


25th of February 06


What happened to my self(ish)?

This last period of 4-6 months I can now see in perspective. I now realize my body was learning the lessons of love.

The taught hierarchy of love

As I was raised, my body was taught to love people differently � to love some more than others. The love that place people in hierarchies, I see now, is built on missing bodily knowledge. My entire life I have lived categorising people. In my body and mind was created a hierarchy of love with my child and boyfriend on top, parents, closest friends, friends and at the bottom strangers� I didn�t feel much for strangers as a lot of people don�t. My love was based on personal relationships. As to the people I was closest with was the ones I loved the most. This by far, have changed and turned out to be the opposite of truth of heart. This I see now was the lesson of my life. The lessons in love.
Through these last 4-6 months my heart has learned to love with no conditions, restrictions, demands or expectations.

Strangers becoming family
I observed this was happening, when I observed my bodys behaviour and feeling around strangers changed. The layers of dividing people into categories, disappeared one by one and from the bottom. Strangers started to feel like friends. Friends started to feel like close friends and so on.
My experience was that slowly my heart started opening to more and more people. None of the people I already had feelings for, lost any part of me � no man was degraded in my heart � but every one not on top, was upgraded. Somehow strangers started to feel just like people I cared for. Through these last 4 months my relationship with every human became one and the same.

Through this very period I received from within insight/feeling about how every body on this planet is exactly the same and equal. Realizing what I am, meant seeing that other people are exactly the same as I. a Consciousness with a body � more or less developed to see and more importantly feel the truth. This was not attached to any thought, but was and is pure feeling. Standing with a body I never saw before, I started to feel the receiver as a consciousness living inside a terribly misunderstood body.

I observed this was happening when strangers became family, and family all of a sudden didn�t feel quite as personal, as they did before. The day my body let go of the instinct of protecting my son from everything bad in this world (as all is good), was the day every body all of sudden felt like my sons and daughters. I cried for 3-4 hours. Couldn�t stand thinking of anybody I know, as the thought made me cry harder. I had to return to the now, to be able to stop crying. No thinking at all.
In the time following this, my body had to learn the lesson for good. And this it did through healing � and through me becoming aware of its way of treating family differently than strangers.

Learning by healing � learning by doing�

I have become aware, that the personal relationships I have had with my family was actually, what kept me back from being mercifully loving with them. With strangers my body had no fear at all in carrying out all the loving grace that pours through my heart no matter the action. But as soon as I was with family, my body automatically restrained itself and captured itself in the ways of habit, feelings returning of the personal relationships from the past. This I started to become aware of when letting my body perform the first love-therapy-healing.

One day I received an sms from Gunnar, asking if I wished to come heal a friend of his. My body reacted very efficiently. I returned the message: �Will he surrender and do I have free hands to do whatever necessary?�. The answer was yes.

The next day I showed up. Deep heartburn. I started healing this man the conventional way, but within long, my body felt like pulling this body to the ground, and letting my heart explode in the receiving body. I followed my bodys desire to do so � and he surrendered. My body and energy, God, Allah, (or whatever you wish to call it), penetrated the heart of this man, with no mercy and no regard to any of his personal restrictions. God poured love out of my heart, and his heart reacted. Ended up beating like a drum.

Never before I experienced such great cooperation between the energy and my body � and all I did was stand aside and let the body carry out its desire. I had felt no filters of personal restrictions or relations carrying out this healing � as I had none. From then on, I started being aware of the difference between my bodys desires when healing strangers and family. Healing family automatically put a soft freedom-reducing pillow over the desires and hence the actions carried out during healing. 

Since I observed and got aware of this, my body has moved closer and closer to throwing all personal relationships out of its. The restrictions have disappeared one by one, and now the captivity of my past relations are encredibly small and getting closer by the day to non existent. What a paradox, huh? The people I set out and claimed to love the most, turned out to be the people I had most trouble helping� Ha ha ha� The irony!!!

Truth in heart � truth in love
The lesson my heart learned does not exist from head knowledge, but from knowledge from within. My heart now beats like a drum directly into other bodies. Healing now is an invitation to other hearts to dance a lively and love-celebrating beat. It has been quite a while since I had a healing where I have not observed the heart of the other human being reacting heavily to mine. I feel all of our bodies are closely connected through hearts.

The feeling and experience of healing other people has done nothing but change, from each and every time to the next.
I now feel the closest connection possible with the people I spend time with. My body is healing everybody I am with (hence all the trances that by the way becomes more the more people I am with), and healing has very little to do with a specific situation with a body placed just so, and me standing doing just so. Healing now is done by my talking to other people as well as touching them as my body wish to. By being present and aware.
As every school of healing will hate me for saying this, there is and can be no technique possible to learn or teach any body else of healing others. The only technique available to learn the lessons of love, is to follow the body�s desire and be aware how your own body reacts to the people you heal. Awareness is what moves your body closer and closer to learn the lessons in love. My experience is this, and that my body has learned through me getting aware of its behaviour. First comes awareness, then comes bodily knowledge.

I am very aware, that with the growth of my heart as it has happened, I found respect, accept, compassion and love for other humans. No matter shape or size, and more importantly no matter belief or knowledge. I know my life is not about convincing any other human, that what I see and say is true, but about sharing through un-personal relationships with people, what move them in their lives.

No action is right or wrong. The only thing that makes anything right from wrong is whether the human being does this action from desire or force. From love or fear.


SMS from Dahlia:


I look him straight in the eyes
... every chance I get... and this will probably be my downfall.. .for all I experience is Him striking again and again, killing me not quite so softly..
I surrender to God... with every bit of my conscience... and I stand tall through it.. .partly because I accept I have no will
and all of this is his territory..
and not mine.. and partly because
I have
the balls of a bull ha ha ha




 am nothing
and he is everything


Ha ha ha ...
is it not perfect!
I laugh at my own previous
effort in reaching nothing...

I now achieve nothing
being nothing.

23th of February 06


Each and every time I sit alone, I cannot help but exploring the space inside my body. And really, I can sit there wondering how on earth this body can be breathing. With closed eyes I feel the outer form moving in breathing in and out, but inside is just space� So big, so massive, bottomless nothingness�

Only had 2 trances today� Have been alone today. There is nothing dramatic about the trances anymore, no pain, only joyous ease and peace. Love.

When I am alone my body has not the same need to let go. I feel the healing of every person I am with, no matter if I put my hands on them or not, and I see clearly, it is my being with other people, that makes the trances come more often. But it is all good, I don�t mind having these trances, they help me help others, nothing could be more perfect� As I carry this wish as a part of my body.
The trances is no more moving into a hole. It is pure nothingness and a body releasing all into the space of nothing.
Every body reading this is more than welcome to contact me� my number is 0045 2627 8076.
I wish to help every body, that wishes to receive my help�
Love from Heart of Himalaya�


15th of February 06


A peaceful conversation with God�
Wauw� total loss for words. Was sitting here writing about the former 6-7 days of battling with the beast. When suddenly my head dropped. Had been 24 hours since the last time. Now once again. Moved to my bed. My experience of what was happening no longer involved any misplaced thoughts of what was happening with these trances�.
And therefore no more battling with the beast� Only dancing.

I accepted and greeted God with a smile and passed out through the nothingness-door. It all went very quickly. 3 minutes from warning to turn off. Was gone for 30 minutes and returned safely to a body I could activate almost immediately. Such a safe journey. And nothing but a feeling of bliss � total peace and joy in letting go.

All very peaceful and lovely. Big wauw. Feel so lifted and blessed.