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is to watch "your"     body talk and
move without a feeling of "I" doing it. Your body
might as well belong to somebody else. This realization happens spontaneously when your awareness is quick and clear enough to see that the feeling of "I" doing this or that really just is a trick of the brain. In alerted states of awareness you will feel the total freedom and joy in the
realization that everything is just happening automatically - pretty much the same way as you intelligently digest food: You don't need to involve the notion "I am doing" for your intestines to work.
Similar - living in this alerted state there is nothing to understand. The Intellectual brain is not an essential organ in this body of truth - it is more a byproduct - like exhaustion gas from a car.
So... just for the joy of addiction we can inhale
 some philosophical thoughts: As a consequence
of the fact that everything is happening by itself
we could play with the thought that everything is
predestined to happen just the way it does - including "my" efforts to make things change.
In this context it is interesting that some Sikh Gurus have developed a remarkable ability to
read the lines of pre - destiny...

Lakbir Singh - The Palmist Saint

Now it is time to introduce Lakbir Singh. In general I am not in favor of occultism
and too much past life bla bla. But Lakbir Singhs ability as a hand & human-being
reader were absolutely extraordinary! He in fact is the first convincing palmist I have met - way beyond the commercial tricksters you as a tourist encounter in the center of New Delhi. No doubt Lakbir Singh Ji was also an educated man of great intuitive and psychological insight. But his palmist readings were astoundingly precise - even in referring to small details and events in the life of a person that he had met for the first time. What Lakbir Singh could do in minutes would probably take a trained western psychologist month. Was this really palmistry or was it a display of almost supernatural human intuition?

I once went to Lakbir Singhs house with some friends from Germany and Denmark .
We were sitting in a circle in his beautiful garden (photo below) together with Lakbirs friends and devotees.  A wonderful peace would come with the fraqrant smell of the flowers. We had offered him mangos and fruits and his devotees now served us chai.
Lakbir put his hand in my lap and said:
- Now you read my hand!

- But Sir! I don't know the art of palmistry!!
- Oh! Sure you do. I see that you you can do that. Devine intuition is the most important.

I could not tell him anything apart from what could be said with a little intuition, but he seemed to be satisfied. Now my friends were lining up and one by one he sculptured precise human portraits that left us all speechless - even chocked. It seemed like he was reading hand lines like letters in a book. Sometimes he was also using a magnifying glass.     

- I am really not interested in reading hands - he said after the long session.

GOD is my only true concern and several times I had visions of Christ and the Holy Mother.
I repeat a secret mantra and the name of Jesus over and over with great intensity in my meditation. And in blessed moments Jesus comes to me as real as you are sitting in front of me! I hope to be fully realized in communion with HIM before I leave this body. My time is short but my goal is in sight. Nothing this world can offer can be compared with the BLISS of
being together with HIM. When I have realized enlightenment I will visit you in Denmark.

Lakbir Singh left his body
in the spring of

In the beginning of June
2005 I had a dream in
Denmark where he came
to me and told me that he
had left his body.

With this story
I don't want to make
advertisement for
mysticism and

It is only a
pointer at

Life is deep
full of mystery

Let us live it!



Lakbir Singh in his garden.


Lines that indicate spiritual longing can come after some time.


Hmmm...dont tell others...keep quiet!