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is smiling at you!

The wonderful Mystic Nisargadatta said:

One can take a photograph of a candle,
but it will not emit light.

I dare to disagree...
Just look at these pictures:

It is indeed possible to get Divine Inspiration...
Just by looking at these faces something can
happen with one's own face.
It can become an expression of ... alive!
Serenity - joy - love ... all are words we can use

trying to catch the Bird of Soul.
Just feel free to stare at these faces.
They give away the answer to the riddle -
and then maybe one day you can pass on the
to others..
A time will come when we all will smile like these
Divine Inspirators...
This time is now.

Divine Inspirators






Faqir Baba

Manav Dayal


Nirmala Pandit

Pandit Dayal

Bassi Gulam


Bhargat Singh

Lakbir Singh

  Divine Inspirators on videoclips.

Apart from Ramana, Sunyata and Faqir Baba,
I had the good fortune to meet all these Inspirators.

 Often you hear that you can only have one Teacher.
That is true concerning your own inner Master residing in your Body Temple.

But a student of Spirit Life can with benefit study under several external
Masters. Then (s)he has a good possibility to raise beyond the
parrot state and express his own original Inner Master.
Every mans heart is thus a new temple in a new religion.

What you will meet here is actually not these Great Beings.
Actually I cannot even tell anything about how elevated they are in a spiritual sense...
You will primarily encounter my experience of them. It cannot be otherwise.
Each one of them reflects different aspects of truth in me...
I therefore have taken the liberty to comment these meetings with my own writings.


It is everybody's birthright to meet a Divine Inspirator or a Divine Inspiration.
It will happen when time has been ripened by timelessness.


Lal Chand

Lahori Pandiji

Arun Baba
Ramesh Giri

Asha Thakur

Aisha- the ONE

Watch the Divine Inspirators on videoclips.
of Western

Is it possible to have a Guru or a Spiritual Teacher?

Is it possible to have a Guru or a spiritual teacher?

In a modern society
where everybody is equal
where everybody is his or her own Master?

In contemporary democratic societies the social interaction between humans
tends to follow horizontal lines. This is a major Human achievement!
Before that, communication along vertical lines have bonded

in pyramids of power and suppression.
But - if we become one dimensional in our equal outlook -
are we then able to recognize, admire and imbibe great Human Spirit?   
Or are we
noisy, arrogant, small, mass produced, post modern egos?
 our cup always filled with our own agenda...   
 Well - at least I can speak for myself...
One of the things that
was most difficult for my western ego,
was to accept a vertical Spiritual Influx.

Grace is a multi dimensional joker in a cosmic card game.
To allow this play to take place in you - you have to accept
that you can only win by being a looser.

Lose yourself in front of That which is greater than you.

Well...so many Great Beings from Jesus to Muhammad have expressed that so beautifully!
And so many less great souls from Hitler to new age cult leaders have misused that!

So ... I am very grateful to my little over-proud and skeptical ego! 

It has saved me many times in the last 30 years...
I watched others surrender to folly
and face the painful consequences.

So we have to be very skeptical and vigilant!
 while we long and look for:
The Right time
The Right place
the Right company

Divine Inspirator

Dear friend!
Your Love is strange - it grows by sharing
You tell me that Your Light was lit by Light
and so is mine
I think I have got a throat ache
at least it feels like that when I hear
that choked voice speaking to You.

I did not get this monsoon flu from reading about it

I am tired of getting food from cookbooks

So I drink a cup of tea
with you my friend.

Hey! - what did you put in this tea?

I am the floor
and you are the ceiling

together we are this room


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